YESAA is a youth-oriented initiative for the encouragement and attraction of youths to productive Agribusiness, bearing in mind the enormous opportunities in the agricultural value chain and need to vary the labour composition in the sector.


YESAA was unveiled by the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, who described the initiative as laudable and most welcome, given the need for youth inclusiveness in the agribusiness dialogue and the ageing population of farmers.


Amongst other factors, research shows that youth involvement in Agribusiness in Africa is hampered by limited knowledge of the opportunities in the sector, lack of mentorship, challenges with start-up funding, non-availability of affordable land, low technological deployment, and to a large extent, the absence of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship skill.


Additionally, young people do not see a future in Agriculture as worthy career, since the current mode of practice is largely subsistence and the farmers they know, do not seem well to do. Indeed, many see farming as laborious, unrewarding, and vocation meant only for the unsuccessful. That mindset has to change with a proper mix of strategies and motivational redress. The huge population of unemployed young people in Nigeria are a demography that must be harnessed, cultivated, and nurtured for multiple socio-economic benefits.


Consequently, YESAA on a systematic basis, will offer a platform for capacity development, via training, networking opportunities and promotion of direct mentorship. If properly trained, mentored and motivated, the youth may easily engage in agribusiness for career/ own business establishment, and in turn, become useful citizens in the society. Participation of young people in profitable agribusiness has positive implication for poverty alleviation, job creation, reduced rural -urban migration and food security.


The emphasis with YESAA training models is on the practical and easily attainable, using friendly instructional modules and concepts.

YESAA is founded on honour and members are encouraged to imbibe very high standard of ethics in both business and everyday life.


The attraction and engagement  of young people in agribusiness, especially those in rural areas for improved livelihoods, job creation, poverty alleviation, check to urban migration and economic diversification and  check to make such youths useful citizens of the Nation.


To achieve membership strength of over 10 million Agri-trained youths who would on an incremental basis become a potent workforce for Agriculture and Agribusiness development in Nigeria and humanity.